An Experience Like No Other: Stella Artois’s 9 steps to Belgian Beer Bliss

Drinking beer has been one of the most popular social activities among Filipinos for many years now. And Stella Artois, a 600-year old Belgian brand named as the most sophisticated beer in the world, brings this experience further up a notch with its nine-step pouring ritual.

According to Booze Online Inc. Marketing Head Chester Cabrera, this nine-step beer pouring ritual, which is a dance between the Chalice and the Draught Master, is designed to deliver the full-bodied, authentic flavour of Belgian beer. With the strict set of standards in beer pouring followed by this time-honoured ritual, it is guaranteed to bring the exquisite bitter beer flavour that people have always loved.

Stella Artois_4

It might be worth trying out this nine-step ritual to ensure making the most out of the Stella Artois experience:

Step 1: Purification

The ritual begins by giving the signature Stella Artois chalice a cold-water bath, letting it reach the same temperature as the beer. For Stella Artois, the glass is a chalice designed to offer the authentic taste and aroma of the beer.

Step 2: The Sacrifice

In a single swift motion, the tap is opened but the first drops of beer are drained away—a sacrifice to guarantee that each drop poured into the chalice delivers the freshest taste.

Step 3: The Liquid Alchemy

The chalice is held at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the beer circulates as it enters the glass, resulting in the perfect combination of liquid and foam.

Step 4: The Crown

As the beer pours, the chalice is gracefully straightened and lowered to form a perfect foam, which seals the beer’s freshness by preventing the exposure of liquid to air.

Step 5: The Removal

Here, a smooth and fluid exit is guaranteed by closing the tap quickly and removing the chalice to avoid any last drops from entering.

Step 6: The Beheading

The head is trimmed using a foam cutter at a 45-degree angle. This ensures that your glass of Stella Artois is void of large, loose bubbles that can speed up the dissipation of the foam.

Stella Artois_2

Step 7: The Judgement

The final head serves as a protection that keeps the freshness the beer. Its thickness must be three centimeters (two fingers) to ensure that the flavors are locked in.

Step 8: The Cleansing

The chalice is dipped in cold water to rinse the outside. The result is a neat, brilliant-looking chalice that is pleasant to hold.

Step 9: The Bestowal

For full appreciation, the chalice is placed on a coaster with a drip catcher at the base. This caps off the ritual with a perfectly served glass of Stella Artois for a Belgian beer bliss.

Meet Pinoy Belgian beer bliss masters

Last June 22, Stella Artois held the 2nd Draught Masters Competition at Fairmont Hotel in Makati. The competition brought together bartenders from various restaurants, bars, and hotels to demonstrate their expertise in performing the nine-step pouring ritual. Jason Laurio of Pablo’s Bistro, Shiela Roa Poderanan of Draft Gastropub Ortigas, Michael Angelo Mallari of Draft Gastropub Greenbelt bested 20 other participants and emerged as the top 3 performers.


Photo above shows (L-R) Laurio, Poderanan, and Mallari showcasing their skills during the Philippine leg of the Stella Artois Draught Masters competition.

Laurio, Poderanan, and Mallari will be representing the country as finalists in the Draught Masters regional competition to be held in Bangkok, Thailand.



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