Concerts Not to Be Missed in Manila this 2017

Hey urbanites! 2017 sure seems to be the year of big artists concerts in Manila! The first of which I would have to say was Coldplay in April. Who watched them? I wish I did. But I’m not a big fan. I love their songs but I don’t know a lot by heart so I wasn’t too keen on selling a kidney to see them live in Manila.

Anyway, since that concert, there have been a few more big names that are coming to Manila this 2017!

  1. It’s Britney bitch! 

90’s kids know Britney was the hottest one to hit the music scene back then! If you grew up in that decade, bet you sang along to her hits like Baby One More Time, Sometimes, Oops I Did It Again and I’m A Slave For You. You might have even used Work Bitch as your anthem when you needed push to keep on working or on those days you’re hitting the gym to reach your fitness goals.


Well the pop princess is finally coming to a concert here in Manila! Are you watching? I know I am! It’s Britney bitch! This is definitely going to be a great concert.

2. Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Tour

She’s back to promote her 2016 album Dangerous Woman with a world tour that yes includes Manila! Pretty sure you’ve heard her songs on the radio and maybe even danced to it such as Side to Side, Be Alright and Into You.


Ticket prices start at Php1,650 for general admission and SVIP at Php19, 070 and is now on sale.

3. Ed Sheeran’s Divide Album Concert Tour  

When it was announced that Ed was going to Southeast Asia for a concert, you had to know it was only a matter of time before Philippines becomes part of his official stop. The concert will be on November 7. No word yet on the concert venue or ticket prices. But you better start saving your money right now because this is definitely going to be expensive – worth watching for sure but still expensive.


I loved his last album, X (Multiply) and I enjoy listening to his new songs on the current album like Shape of You and Castle on the Hill so yes I plan on watching this concert too.





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