Power Rangers: It’s so bad, it’s good

I grew up watching Power Rangers on TV. I super liked it that when the Power Rangers became a movie, you bet your boots I watched it. It was such a cult classic during the 90s.

Well as you now know, it recently had a movie remake.


I had no intention of watching it truth be told. Never even saw a preview of the new one nor did I bother to search for one. I don’t know. But something told me it was a movie I could afford to miss on the big screen. However I recently found myself trooping to the cinema to watch it because my friends wanted to watch it.

Before going to the movies, I had expectations from this film.

  1. Movie effects that will have me going “Wow. That was awesome”.  The Power Rangers movie I remember from my childhood was action packed and yes, had great movie effects – great by definition of that decade. Considering we now live in a world run by technology, I expected this film to give me that blow me away with its effects. I mean just check out those newly redesigned Power Rangers costumes vis a vis the old ones.

Cool costumes right? And very modern. Unfortunately, the wow stops at the costume      design.

2. A lot of action. Sadly, this does not have much of that. It was a lot of talk, talk, talk and more talk. The fight scene was supposed to be the highlight of this movie. But that was a real let down.

3. A story that would at least give justice to the original movie if not surpass it. When you attempt to remake any cult classic film, for me it should at the very least give justice to the original one if not make it even better. Aside from the brief nostalgia the film gave me when I heard the words “It’s morphine time!” uttered and the Power Rangers theme song played, Saban’s Power Rangers did not at all live up to the original.

I would give credit to RJ Cyler who played the Blue Ranger. He was funny though at times he bordered on annoying.

They could have given the villain a better storyline. There was a part in the movie when the rangers were shown what the future with Rita Repulsa and Goldar that it looked like it was going to be a scary future for Angel Grove. In reality though, Rita was just plain tiresome as a villain.


Elizabeth Banks as Rita Repulsa

And I think this movie centered too much on how the teens were going to morph. It became dragging.

Actually my whole impression of this movie is that it was trying hard. It probably wanted to marry the campy feels of the TV series with the action packed story of the blockbuster movie. They should have picked one and stuck to it. Maybe it would have been a better film.

This movie gave us somethings to laugh about – both because there were scenes that were amusing and also because the story was just so bad. Perhaps some could be blamed from a bad editing job.

Oh and can somebody confirm whether Krispy Kreme paid for product placement in this movie or not? I have a strong feeling they did because they got quite a lot of exposure from this film. Philippine movies could learn a thing or two from Krispy Kreme. That’s how you do a product placement people!

If you’re thinking of watching this, go right ahead. Like I said, you’ll get a few laughs. Also a superhero film is a good family movie. Your kids will enjoy for sure. But if you’re a hardcore Power Rangers fan looking to be re-live the awesome feeling you felt when you saw the original one, I say save your money and wait for it on popular video streaming sites like NetFlix or on DVD.











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