Nailaholics invites you to get pampered and stamped

Living in a tropical country like the Philippines means perpetually sunny days, year-round airy summer fashion and an annual healthy glow thanks to a regular dose of vitamin D. It also means it’s nearly always sandal-season so ensuring those tips and toes are perpetually ready to be on display is a must! It also takes a lot of commitment – after all you have to find time to visit the nail salon and spend moolah for it.

But you know a visit to the nail salon is a great me-time pampering activity! I know it’s a personal favorite pamper-me activity of mine.

Well one of my favorite nail salons, Nailaholics, is actually giving their customers more value for their money and more reason to keep on coming back!


“Each visit to Nailaholics beginning November 21 until March 31 means you’re pampering yourself for a bonus little treat,” says  Lorraine Baterina, Brand Officer.

Avail of your regular manicure and pedicure or indulge in one of Nailaholics’ signature packages and treatments and make sure that you get you Pampering Card stamped. Get five stamps and you get your sixth mani-pedi for free! Now this is a great deal!

“This is our way of making sure that you’re hands and feet are completely ready no matter what season, and of course, letting our loyal customers know that we appreciate them,” ends Lorraine.

You have to love the fact that Nailaholics keeps reminding us busy urbanites to pamper ourselves. Remember National Pampering Day?

Want to find out where the nearest Nailaholics is at your area? Visit their Facebook page or check out their website to learn more about Nailaholics.





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