Flytpack: Your Travel Buddy

When preparing for a trip abroad in this digital age, one of the questions that travelers – especially millennial travelers need to address is “How do I stay connected online even when I’m traveling without suffering from a shocking smartphone data bill when I get back home?”

It’s a question I found myself needing an answer to recently when I traveled to Singapore with my friends. It was the first time we were traveling abroad just the three of us. And while we had an itinerary where directions on how to get to the places we wanted to go to were written down, we still wanted to be sure we wouldn’t get lost while in a foreign country! Google was going to our friend abroad. We knew that much and we knew there was Wi-Fi in the hotel we were going to stay at. But what happens when we leave the hotel? We wanted to make sure we had a way to get online while out wandering the streets.

I found the answer to our dilemma while browsing Instagram – Flytpack. What is Flytpack you ask? Well, it’s a Wi-Fi router rental that comes at an affordable price! It gives you unlimited Wi-Fi access everywhere and it allows multiple devices to be connected at the same time.


This is how you rent one:


You can pay through a number of channels: credit card, Paypal or bank deposit. We rented ours for a very affordable price of Php900 for our 5 day trip to Singapore and paid via credit card. Note that they also require a deposit y’know just in case you damage the Wi-Fi router or you lose it. It will be returned to you after 7-14 working days.

Supposedly, the router was going to be delivered at my house a day before my flight. However Singapore has this law that prohibits any external routers from coming in to their country which Flytpack informed me about a day before my trip so instead what they asked me to do was pick up my router at Changi Airport. The Flytpack customer service emailed me the map where I can pick up this router.


This is the WiFi router being rented out in Singapore. It’s actually SGD10 per day that’s about Php1700 for 5 days. It comes with the charger and the router itself plus the bag container.

Renting Flytpack was the best decision we made for our trip. It really came in handy for us as we wandered around Singapore! It allowed us to stay online even when we were out of the hotel and needed to get in touch with our friend who would only go out with us in the afternoon (he was sick at the time of our trip). Plus because we had a WiFi connection, my other friend who liked to constantly update her followers on social media was able to share photos on Instagram, chat with her friends on Facebook messenger and just check her social media notifications whenever she pleased!

Flytpack has limited availability at the moment but why not check if they are available in the country you’ll be traveling to? It’s truly the perfect travel buddy!


Find out more about Flytpack:




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