Discerning travel blogger meets the light and feature-packed Lenovo PHAB Plus

Travel bloggers who live a life of adventure need devices that combine amazing endurance, productivity, and portability. Smartphones are portable and mobile but lack the power to support a travel blogger’s content creation needs. Tables come packed with great features but they can take up a lot of space in a traveller’s bag. Trisha Velarmino, author of  “P.S. I’m On My Way” knows these pain points all too well. This is why she trusts the Lenovo PHAB Plus to tackle the challenges of living a jet-setting lifestyle.

“The Lenovo PHAB Plus, which merges tablet and smartphone capabilities, reflects Lenovo’s commitment to developing innovative and highly-differentiated devices that address millennial travel bloggers’ needs.  With Lenovo PHAB Plus’s long battery life, large screen, and performance features, today’s travel bloggers can enjoy powerful content creation capabilities in a small form factor that can easily fit into their shoulder bags, for an instant productivity boost during their travels,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.


Bridging the gap between smartphones and tablets

Lenovo PHAB Plus solves Trisha’s dilemma of carrying two different gadgets while in transit as it doubles as a smartphone and a tablet. She no longer has to bring her bulky laptop along, as the phablet fulfills her speed and productivity requirements in a snap. Equipped with an 8-coreTM Qualcomm® processor, the Lenovo PHAB Plus allows her to create and edit blog posts easily on the go.  The phablet’s big screen makes it easy for the travel blogger to review blog entries, answer e-mails, and browse the Internet to do  learn more about tourist attractions she’d like to visit. It’s also smaller than the average tablet, which make it easy to fit into Velarmino’s hand carry luggage.


Thanks to the Lenovo PHAB Plus’ 3500mAh battery, Velarmino can enjoy a standby time of up to 20 days and a talk time of up to 24 hours. This means she won’t have to worry about her gadget “dying” on her – as with the case of her smartphones – whenever she needs to post an important social media update or take a selfie during her travels. Velarmino uses the Lenovo PHAB Plus’ 13MP rear camera along with its 5 MP front camera, which feature a Panorama Selfie function along with dual-LED flash, to make her travel photos look as natural as possible. In fact, she used the phablet’s camera to capture images during her recent press trip to Indonesia. The phablet’s Low Light settings also allowed her to capture strikingly bright photos even in dimly-lit environments.

A joy to travel with

At 0.49 lbs., the svelte Lenovo PHAB Plus is a joy to carry for Velarmino, who is a fan of packing light. Featuring a brilliant 6.8″ full HD screen, the Lenovo PHAB Plus also doubles as her mobile entertainment hub as she streams movies from Netflix during long train journeys and bus rides. Its 4G LTE fast connectivity allows her to stay connected to her readers when she travels from country to country, while the phablet’s dual-sim functionality make it convenient for Velarmino to communicate with people back home.

“From browsing emails and updating social media accounts to watching movies and reading maps, I know that I can count on a reliable, indefatigable, and feature-packed travelling companion whose battery life and productivity transcend the limits of the traditional tablet and smartphone. Armed with the Lenovo PHAB Plus in hand, I can readily explore new frontiers without fear,” said Velarmino.

Lenovo PHAB Plus comes in Gunmetal Gray and Champagne Gold, and is available at a starting price of PHP14,999, in all Lenovo retail stores nationwide.



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