The Lenovo PHAB Plus: A blogger’s productivity dream

Millennial bloggers who work on the fly need smart and compact gadgets to thrive under pressure. Filipino food, travel, and lifestyle blogger Jill Bantang, for one, knows she can bank on the Lenovo PHAB Plus, which blends the portability of a smartphone with the functionality of a tablet, to keep her readers informed every step of the way.


“Checking social networks and browsing the Internet demand large screens and fast connectivity. A true leader in innovation, Lenovo addresses these needs with Lenovo PHAB Plus, which merges tablet and smartphone capabilities, to help millennial bloggers like Jill Bantang do more with exceptional battery life, Dual SIM, and 4G LTE fast connectivity. Whether updating social media accounts, taking photos or sending emails, today’s tech-savvy social media mavens can rely on the Lenovo PHAB Plus’ powerful features to amp up their blogging productivity,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

Best of both worlds


Inspired by her experiences both here and abroad, Jill created her blog so she can share her stories with her readers. The Lenovo PHAB Plus, which combines the best tablet and smartphone features, offers Jill tablet functionality for her writing activities sans the pain point of bringing along heavy bulk. Equipped with an 8-coreTM Qualcomm® processor, the Lenovo PHAB Plus supports Jill’s speed requirements for creating and editing blog posts on the go. And with Lenovo PHAB Plus’s 3500mAh battery which puts smartphone batteries to shame, Jill can enjoy a standby time of up to 20 days and talk time of up to 24 hours. This means she won’t have to worry about her gadget dying on her whenever she needs to post an important social media update or coordinate meetings.

For enhancing her blog’s visuals, Jill counts on the Lenovo PHAB Plus’ 13MP rear and 5 MP front cameras, which feature Panorama Selfie function and dual-LED flash, to make images look as natural as possible. The phablet’s Low Light settings allow her to capture strikingly bright photos even in dimly-lit environments. And thanks to the Lenovo PHAB Plus’s 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM and 32 GB ROM memory, the social butterfly won’t have to think twice about wasting storage space.

Svelte and compact

Lenovo PHAB Plus’ brilliant 6.8″ full HD screen and one-hand mode allow Jill to conveniently browse photos, write blog entries, and edit posts in real-time. Busy with wedding planning, the soon-to-be bride can research and enjoy viewing sample wedding pictures and videos on top of viewing her own after her big daywith the Lenovo PHAB Plus’ big screen. Additionally, the 0.49-lb. svelte Lenovo PHAB Plus can easily fit into Jill’s bag, sparing her from the hassle of carrying extra bulk when she scuttles between meetings, events, and leisure activities.

“Whether I’m scheduling appointments, posting social media updates, watching movies, or taking photos, the Lenovo PHAB Plus helps me fulfill my entertainment, communication and productivity requirements in a snap.  Supporting a range of apps and armed with rich connectivity features, the Lenovo PHAB Plus serves as my blog’s lifeline, with an incredible battery life that defies expectations,” said Jill.


The Lenovo PHAB Plus comes in Gunmetal Gray and Champagne Gold, and is available at a starting price of PHP14,999, in all Lenovo retail stores nationwide.



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