The Coolest New Drink in Town: Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, how can one stay cool and chill especially with summer just around the corner? Well, there’s a simple and quite tasty way to stay cool despite the heat of the sun! Open a bottle of Sosro Fruit Tea and #TasteTheChill.

Sosro Fruit Tea is the millennial go-getter’s preferred real tea drink. It’s originally from Indonesia but it was brought to the Philippines by Reddimart Multiresources, Inc. last year. This drink is known for their refreshing blends of real fruit flavor and authentic tea goodness – it’s no wonder why it’s fast become synonymous to a chillaxing time for a lot of tea drinkers.

This 2016, Sosro Fruit Tea is upping its game with its #TasteTheChill campaign which encourages drinkers to stay chill both figuratively and literally using their hero-product Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze.

This drink is perfect for the cool and collected millennial who knows how to effortlessly mix work and play. With its one-of-a-kind blend of Strawberry and Grape plus its unique icy sensation, Freeze is the perfect drink for staying cool.

We got to attend the official launch at The Palace Pool Club which had the theme “Warm Summer Nights” which is meant to emulate the balmy summer evenings.



At the launch, Reddimart also introduced their newest celebrity brand ambassador, Sofia Andres. Sofia is the perfect chillmate with her cool and fun-loving attitude. People can expect to see her featured on billboards showcasing her in her Ice Goddess garb encouraging chillmates to #TasteTheChill themselves.


Actress and Sosro Fruit Tea brand ambassador Sofia Andres



Sosro Fruit Tea brand ambassador Sofia Andres with Reddimart Multi-resources Inc. President Jerbie Ong


The launch was a multi-sensory experience from the music, decor and laser lights to really stimulate the senses – just like Sosro Fruit Tea.


The venue transformed and became a cool and icy haven with snow, cool hangouts and blue lights.


Up Dharma Down provided the after program music at the event.



This summer, when you’re looking for a way to cool down and chill down, arm yourself with a Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze and #TasteTheChill!





Sosro Fruit Tea is available in Freeze, Apple, Strawberry and Guava flavors.


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