Philippine Realty TV (PRTV) launches own brokerage arm

The residential and commercial real estate segments have been seeing a growth thanks to the continued surge of the local business process outsourcing (BPO) sector. With the young professionals working in the BPO sector becoming eligible for real estate loans (a record high Php1.2 trillion or US $25.69 billion in the third quarter of 2015), the demand for more living spaces in thriving hubs across the country is also expected to increase significantly in the coming years.

Philippine Realty TV (PRTV), the first and longest-running real estate and construction television show in the country recently launched its own brokerage arm – “The Realty Emporium” as a response to the changing needs of both the property developers and potential buyers.


In photo: CEO and Executive Producer of Philippine Realty TV John Aguilar and Vice President of StreetPark Productions Inc. and Corporate Secretary of Realty Emporium Monica Hipolito-Aguilar

PRTV CEO and Executive Producer John Aguilar said “The idea behind Realty Emporium is for us to be able to offer a platform where real estate companies can connect better with a larger, more diverse audience, and thus sell their properties to a market that fits their requirements.” He further added that through Realty Emporium, they would like to be able to nurture close collaboration with developers and consumers to find the right properties for the right markets.

Through this latest innovation, PRTV partners with various groups for for-sale properties while also allowing buyers the luxury of finding the perfect deals that match their needs. Featured listings and properties will be featured on Philippine Realty TV, and will also be marketed by Realty Emporium online through

Realty Emporium Deals is the first made-for-TV and mobile flash deals for the real estate industry. Deals for pre-selling and RFO (ready-for-occupancy) properties are offered to the public in partnership with property developers. These deals are offered exclusively by Realty Emporium on a limited time basis, with offers for discounts, extended payment terms, and other perks that will compel buyers to immediately reserve or purchase a listing through Realty Emporium.

Realty Emporium’s Exclusive Listings offers a collection of high-end properties being offered in partnership with broker partners. Realty Emporium and its partner brokers also have access to other listings in various condos and subdivisions within and beyond Metro Manila, giving buyers a bigger opportunity to find the right kind of property that suits their preferences.



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