Sharp’s Gift Suggestions this Love Month for the Special Woman in Your Life

February is the love month! And if you’re thinking about giving the special woman in your life aka your mom a gift, why not  surprise her with a gift that’s designed to make her life easier and healthier like Sharp Philippines’ innovative offering? Choose from the Sharp Mite Catcher, Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+, or their washing machine lineup, and you’ll never go wrong.

Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+ and Mite Catcher for a safer and allergen-free home

Your family’s well-being is Mom’s number one concern – that’s why she will love the new
Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+ and the Plasmacluster Mite Catcher, both powered by Sharp’s exclusive Plasmacluster Ion Technology.



The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier UV+, the first Plasmacluster product with mosquito catching mechanism, eliminates not just airborne viruses, bacteria, and allergens but also pesky mosquitoes at home.  Aside from releasing positive and negative ions for 99% protection against indoor airborne threats, It boasts of a 5-step, chemical-free, mosquito-catching mechanism that attracts mosquitoes with its black exterior, entices them with ideal entrance space emitting UV light, and then sucks them in with the air purifier’s powerful suction, where they are then trapped on a non-toxic glue sheet.  Mom will surely appreciate the UV+’s overall protection for the whole family.


Enhance her beauty sleep by gifting her with the new Sharp Plasmacluster Mite Catcher, which effectively wipes out dust mites and other allergens on the bed and other textile surfaces.  With its Heat and Clean Function, it releases up to 60°C heat to weaken the dust mites’ hold on fibers so that they can easily be suctioned, while also sanitizing the mattress and reducing its odors. Plasmacluster Ions are also released, deactivating the allergens, bacteria, and microbes living in mattresses, pillows, and cushions, for the healthiest slumber ever.

Sharp Washing Machine options for multi-tasking moms

Laundry chores are a hassle, even for a superwoman like your mom.  Sharp offers a diverse selection of washing machines that make laundry chores a breeze. Why not spoil Mom rsz_sharp_washing_machine.jpgwith the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine? It is equipped with the Stainless Steel Hole-less Tub, which provides gentle but thorough washing, while also protecting the whole machine from molds and other bacteria.  It also saves up on water by up to 60%, compared to tubs with holes.

Another good choice is Sharp’s best-selling Twin Tub. With its simple, no-nonsense, and compact design, the Sharp Twin tub is the undisputed favorite among Filipino families nationwide.  Meanwhile, the Sharp Double Washer is a one-of-a-kind washing machine which features two washer tubs in compact, cylindrical design, allowing your mom to multitask and save time while still getting an efficient and thorough wash.

This Valentine’s season, forego the floral arrangements and go for something that will endure – just like a mother’s love.  Pamper your mom with simple engineering marvels that make home life safe, healthy, and convenient.  It’s easy, with the help of Sharp Philippines.

The Sharp Mite Catcher and Air Purifier UV+ are in Metro Manila, while the washing machines are at leading appliance centers nationwide. For more information, you may visit or join us on and Instagram at @Sharp.PH.






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