Blog Giveaway: Starbucks Moleskine Planner 2016

How do you know Christmas is almost here? Well in the Metro, one of the ways you can tell is when Starbucks releases their annual Red Cups along with their collectible planner.

It’s become a tradition of sort for young Filipinos to collect stickers to get Starbucks’ coveted planner. Every year the coffee company releases a different planner design. And this year, the highly anticipated Moleskine planners finally made its way to Starbucks Philippines!

Starbucks partnership with Moleskine has been in existence for quite sometime now. Starbucks Korea actually released Starbucks x Moleskine planners for 2015.

Moleskine has established its as a brand that makes quality notebooks and so much more since 2007.

Do you want to get your hands on one of the Starbucks Moleskine planners? Well why not join our giveaway? We’re letting one lucky blog reader a chance to take home their very own Starbucks x Moleskine 2016 planner!



Click the link to join:


P.S. Contest is only open to Philippine residents. 🙂


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