Movie Review: Spectre 007 Worth Watching?

007 James Bond is probably the most iconic movie spy of all time. And when a 007 Bond movie is in theaters, you can bet people will be lining up to see it. My Dad was a big fan of the Bond films – he’s seen every 007 film (yes all the way back to when a young Sean Connery played the role!) and so my desire to see the latest 007 movie, Spectre was strong

I had the opportunity to watch it at Resorts World Manila’s Newport Theater Mall just recently along with some friends. If you haven’t seen it yet and you’re wondering if it’s worth spending your money for, read along for my review of Spectre.


The pros:

  1. Opening scene – the film’s first setting will take you to Mexico, specifically during the celebration of the Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and that will already give you the “Wow” effect. Well hey, Mexico City with a festivity where people dress up in costumes – what’s not to like?

2. It’s action packed! What’s a Bond movie if it was not without its explosions, car chase scenes and fight scenes right? You’ll definitely get those from Spectre. We were already feeling the suspense right at the start of the movie. In fact, at one point, my friend just couldn’t hold in her excitement already that she exclaimed “Dali!” which of course prompted me to shush her.

3. Oh the outfits are to die for! The leading ladies of spy films are always clad in beautiful couture – no surprise there. The men however are just okay usually. But Spectre took fashion to a level where you’d feel like you were watching a fashion editorial come to life.

Personally am not a big fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond but in this movie, I loved him as 007. Why? Because he was always dressed so well! Here are some of my favorites:





Well I did a little bit of digging online to find out more about the costumes worn by Daniel Craig in this movie. He wore some fine fashion brands in this movie like Tom Ford, Omega (watch) and Crockett and Jones (shoes). A stylish man is a handsome man!

With so much elegant fashion, picturesque background scenery and action packed portions, it’s easy to say 007 Spectre is an awesome movie! However if you’re able to get past through those, you’ll realize the cons outweigh the pros such as:

Little screen time and a disappointing story line for Monika Belluci’s character, Lucia. Did you guys know that she’s the oldest Bond girl to date at age 50? Yep, that’s something alright. And it’s Monika Belluci! She’s a well known actress. So it’s such a shame that the screenwriters were not able to give her appearance in the movie so much justice. You’d be left wondering “What happened to her?” by the middle of the movie.

Weird opening credits. A half naked Daniel Craig being caressed by Octopus tentacles – can’t get any weirder than that! I like Sam Smith and I thought it was awesome that he was picked to sing the OST for 007 Spectre. However nice his Writing’s on the Wall song is, it just didn’t fit the opening visuals of Bond. Again – an octopus’ tentacles enveloping Craig’s body. Weird. Writing’s on the Wall alone I think though is a really nice song.

The new M played by Ralph Fiennes seemed like a sissy. It was so different from how Judy Dench attacked the character – strong and authoritative. Exactly how the head of a British Intelligence Agency should probably act.

The most disappointing of all however was the plot itself. S.P.E.C.T.R.E, short for Special Executive for Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion was a huge criminal cartel with a master plan of wreaking havoc to the world through cyber terrorism. In this day and age where we are all so dependent on technology, it’s a very relevant plot. Unfortunately, the movie failed to retain the “Wow” effect it established during the first half of film. The way they foiled the evil plan was just anti-climactic.

Christopher Waltz played the bad guy, Blofeld in this film. His acting was good. But even a good actor can’t do much with a so-so plot. He had a chilling intro. From his start, they established him as someone to be feared and someone who demanded attention. As head of SPECTRE, that was perfectly understandable. It personally gave me goosebumps at first. Unfortunately, his motivation for getting revenge on Bond and for establishing SPECTRE was not supported by a strong back story. I found his reason for seeking revenge to be shallow. All that effort just for having Daddy issues. Don’t get me wrong on that. A vengeful baddie is okay. Hey, Javier Bardem’s character in Skyfall was also out for revenge because he had mommy issues. But at least he had a good back story that justifies his actions.

I think that Spectre 007 would have been a better movie if not for so many unresolved sub story plots. So should you watch it in cinemas? My recommendation is to just wait until the DVD comes out or when this becomes available in HBO.

But even though I, along with some more film critics out there, give Spectre 007 a negative review, I know this will still go on to make it big in the box office. It still is a 007 James Bond movie after all.


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