Art Walk in a Mall

Whether you’re a true blue art enthusiast or just find yourself feeling artsy-fartsy one fine day, why not go on an art walk in the mall? Yes! You read that right! In the mall – to be exact, at the 4th floor of SM Megamall where you will find a number of art galleries that host various types of artworks from canvas paintings, sculptures to sketch drawings. It’s free too!

Did you know that the Art Walk in SM Megamall has been there for about 23 years now? The art-in-a-mall concept started way back in 1992 thanks to Mr. Sy, who is an avid art collector himself.

Well I went and tried it myself just because I was feeling artsy-fartsy and now I’d like to show you the various artworks of different Filipino artists that I saw.


That right there is a glass sculpture, a masterpiece done by world renowned Filipino glass sculptor, Ramon Orlina. You can see more of his works at his museum, Orlina Museum located in Tagaytay.



These paintings of naked women were on exhibit when I visited Art Asia gallery. I thought the colors screamed of femininity because they were vivid pink and red. Different artists are exhibited in this gallery about every 2 weeks so if you drop by one of these days, you’d see a different set of paintings on display.

Not all of the artworks on display are watercolor paintings. Some made use of mixed media such as these abstract paintings:



Mixed media arts is loosely defined as any work of art that uses more than one medium. For instance the paintings above I believe made use of scrap papers that’s been put done in a collage and paint. I have to be honest that I don’t understand abstract art. Even when I read the title, I usually still don’t get what the artwork is all about.

I am no art expert so the thing that usually draws me in to a painting is color – bright colors to be exact. And during my artwalk, I saw a lot of paintings that were very colorful.


This painting gave me the feeling that I was staring at a restaurant in Italy because of the rustic brick wall.



Inside Contreras Sculptures, you’ll be able to admire various metal sculptures. I was told by the receptionist at the store that the gallery was owned by a couple who were both into sculpting.



At the 4th floor of SM Megamall, you won’t just see art galleries. You can also visit the Art Center which hosts various artists’ exhibits. Out of all the artworks displayed, I found most of the art works I liked in the Art Center.



The above are the works of Isobel Francisco who graduated from Ateneo de Manila. Her weapons of choice are oil and graphite though she’s also good in using ink and digital tools. Her signature work is using vivid shades of purple, red and blue. You can also recognize this artist’s works through her subjects which have piercing expressions – usually stubborn, struggling and strong.For this particular exhibit, her themes were on bondage and the primal viscerality of such play.




These are the works of Paola Gemar, another artist whose works where displayed in the Art Center and I liked. This artist likes the morbid but counters it with bejeweled festal decadence which you can clearly see in her artworks of ghoulish figures performing an infinite danse macabre aka dance of death. Her displayed artworks represent the Japanese folkloric figure, the Yokai – found to be a dangerous but also mysterious phantom enchantress that brings bad luck and calamity. It represents societal conventions where independent women are deemed to be deviant to the stereotype of meek and domestic.

Lastly, I liked the artworks of Gab Lopez, also displayed in the Art Center when I visited.


How can you tell that it’s her work? Well, you look at the bold lines which you can find whether she’s doing her artwork in pen and ink on paper or acrylic on wood panels.


Gab likes subjects that are feminine and alluring, in waves and curls as you would notice on the photos above. I’m all about flirty and feminine designs so I’m drawn to these artworks.

The concept of art-walk-in-a-mall concept began after Juvenal Sanso’s Bulaklak art exhibit became successful. His works were bought not only by art collectors but also chance-passerby customers in the mall. After another successive successive show of another artist brought in a receptive audience, the establishment of a gallery row was started.
The art-walk-in-a-mall started with only eight or nine galleries in the 4th floor. Some of the pioneering galleries were the branches of Galleria Duemila 2000, Finale Art File, West Gallery, Heritage Art Center, Liongoren Art Gallery, Gallery Genesis, and the main offices of Pacheco Art Gallery, and Contreras Sculptures Gallery. After a couple of years, some other galleries followed suit in establishing a store in Megamall like the Galerie Y, Crucible Gallery, Gallery of Prints, Nemiranda Arthouse and Gallery 139. Some of the galleries there also hold  their own special programs or visions like holding workshops, demonstrations or lectures and promoting student-artists.
So that’s my art-walk-in-a-mall experience. It was actually quite fun to do that. Bet you didn’t know you could do such an activity in a mall right? Kudos to Mr. Sy for bringing art closer to the public, making it more accessible to the masses. Try it out for yourself. Who knows? You might end up finding a piece you really like and end up buying it! Art is a good investment after all.
Art Walk in a Mall
4th floor SM Megamall, Bldg. A
EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong

13 thoughts on “Art Walk in a Mall

  1. Louise ღ (@louisechelle) says:

    Never knew there was this art-walk in SM Megamall. I would have always visited when I’m in the mall. I’ve been surrounded by art ever since because my grandfather’s a painter and my uncles & aunts were photographers. There’s really something about art that comforts me.


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