Spanish Film Festival in Greenbelt 3

Hey city folks! It’s time for another round of our movie recommendations for the week! And since October 8 to 18 is PELÍCULA-PELIKULA, the Spanish Film Festival, our movie picks for the week are-  yep you guessed it – Spanish films!

Just a little backgrounder before we get to our recos. The two week festival is the biggest in Asia and it was conceptualized in 2002 by Instituto Cervantes. Since then, it has been an annual attraction at the Ayala Malls Cinemas.

Okay on to the movies!

  1. De Aliados A Masacrados

A documentary on the history of the Spaniards during the Japanese occupation in the Philippines in World War II. It is the direct testimony of the survivors who went from being allies to massacred due to the shaky alliance between the Francoist Spain and imperialist Japan. It also accounts the history of the General Company of Tobacco of the Philippines.

2. Milagro En Praga

Two very different families are going to cross paths in the most anticipated time of the year: Christmas. The meeting point will be the majestic Golden City of Prague. There, each one will seek to realize their dreams, triggering a fun series of twists, romances and small miracles that can only occur when their hearts are connected regardless of their place of origin.

3. El  Árbol MAGNÉTICO

Bruno returns to his home country, Chile, after a prolonged absence. The farmhouse that he shared with his family as a child is now on sale and all gather to say goodbye to the place. A visit to the “magnetic tree”, a local curiosity with strange properties, wakes almost forgotten feelings and affections.

Happy watching guys! And don’t forget to share with me your thoughts on the movies you’ve seen whether or not they’re part of the my movie picks. Would love to hear all about it!


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