[Makati Food Find] Rada’s Rad Sisig

One of the most familiar sights when you walk around the Makati area are the long strips of food stalls commonly called “jollijeeps”. These jollijeeps have been giving the Makati workforce bang for their buck, especially when the next paycheck is still nowhere in sight.

But behold, not all jollijeeps are created equal. Food stall no.002 along Rada Street has taken jollijeep-ing to the next level and has made noise in social media because of its sisig. Thus the popular hashtag, #SisigSaRada.

Sisig is a Kapampangan dish made of finely chopped pork meat mixed with generous servings of chili, liver, and onion, seasoned with calamansi and pepper giving it a tangy-spicy taste. Over the years, sisig has already become one of the staples in the tables of many Filipinos – whether it be for the family’s dinner or for Tatay’s drinking session with his kumpadres.


Priced at only P50.00 pesos for an order of sisig and one cup of rice, Rada’s sisig is definitely an affordable find one wouldn’t want to miss. (Insider Tip: You can ask them to add another egg to your sisig for only P7.00!)

Rada’s sisig has that distinct taste which I haven’t tasted in the other sisigs that I’ve tried before. It could be the mayonnaise mixed in the dish that gives it a creamy texture; the bits of scrambled egg that make the dish more filling; or it could be the perfect balance of crunch and chewiness that makes every spoonful of rice and sisig feel like heaven inside my mouth.

The sisig was a bit oily but not to a point where it gives you a weird feeling when swallowed. Even the oil was tasty in itself! The dish offered a good harmony of saltiness, spiciness, and sourness that is very hard to forget. Honestly, it will take a huge amount of discipline to keep myself from getting this meal every time our lunch bell rings.

#SisigSaRada effortlessly goes in my list of the best sisigs in the city. I now understand why people keep coming back and patiently endure the usual long lines in this Rada jollijeep. As cliché as it might sound, this dish is worth the wait.


32 thoughts on “[Makati Food Find] Rada’s Rad Sisig

  1. laineyloveslife says:

    Finally, we don’t have to go to Pampanga (the home of Philippines’ best Sisig) to have a taste of this local delicacy. I don’t like sisig that’s too oily either. This one at Rada St is really great!


  2. Patty | MrsC says:

    I’ve heard about the amazing sisig in one of Rada’s Jollijeeps, but it’s only now that I know which stall in particular sells it. Thanks for sharing! Definitely worth a try when I visit Makati again.


  3. Louise ღ (@louisechelle) says:

    So that’s what you call those food stalls: Jollijeeps. When I was studying and working there, those did help budget restricted customers get a decent meal for the day. However, I have never come across this sisig. Would love to try it out when I come back to Makati.


    • Liz says:

      yeah Anne! that’s how I discovered about it too. reading good reviews online. let me know how your tasting goes once you get the opportunity to try it for yourself.


  4. tumandok says:

    Count me in for I do like eating sisig. For the time I eat it, I couldn’t resist the spicy taste. As I often eating it, i used to that taste and I kept on ordering it every time I come across with that Kapangpangan noted dish. – Gil Camporazo


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