Reliable digital healthcare platform now in the Philippines

Practo logoAsia’s largest healthcare platform, Practo is now in the Philippines. With its arrival in the country, Filipino patients and doctors alike can now take advantage of its award-winning products: Practo Search and Practo Ray.

Practo Search allows consumers to search through its verified database of healthcare professionals to find the doctor that’s right for them. Search the doctor’s name, specialization, and even symptom and book an appointment free of charge. Once results are available, consumers can click through the Practo Profile for each professional or establishment to read more details including years of experience, qualifications, affiliations and specializations as well as see clinic photos and get GPS co-ordinates of location for easy turn-by-turn navigation right from within the Practo App.

Practo’s goal is to list all the healthcare professionals in the Philippines. To make sure the data is reliable, Practo‘s own team combs through every street and every zone to verify and list all the doctors on Practo for free.

Practo’s newest product, Practo Ray is a cloud-based practice management solution of choice for tens of thousands of doctors and clinics around the world managing millions of patients every year. The app simplifies and automates practice management so doctors can focus on what they do best– treating and caring for their patients. Practo Ray helps simplify scheduling, – as well as billing and inventory management for doctors. It also helps create digital health care records and prescriptions so consumers always have their healthcare history available to them right inside the app. Practo Ray will be available as an annual subscription starting at Php2,200 a month.

Practo is in a unique position of having a globally respected strong B2B software product (Practo Ray) that is tightly integrated with its much loved consumer offering (Practo Search), creating the world’s first and only healthcare hyperloop that is connecting the entire healthcare ecosystem and is helping millions of consumers make better healthcare decisions every month.

In the next 3-6 months, Practo will expand to completely cover Cebu, Cavite and Batangas regions as well as expand product lines to cover more healthcare segments across wellness, fitness, medicine, preventive and curative as well to ensure that consumers have a single app they need for all their healthcare requirements.

“We are thrilled to launch in the Philippines and simplify healthcare experience for millions of consumers in the region. Over the next few months we will expand our coverage and product lines to enable consumers to make better healthcare decisions and live healthier lives.” – Shashank ND, Founder & CEO, Practo.


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