Camera Phones Redefine the Photography Scene

The evolution of smartphones have changed the way people take pictures. Nowadays, it’s easier to capture a moment because smartphones are now equipped with cameras that can take really good photos – so good in fact that it poses the question “Can phone photography really match a professional’s DSLR?”

Well a month ago, Lenovo launched a smartphone that raises the question above – the VIBE Shot camera phone. It is equipped with a 16-megapixel rear sensor, plus heaps of features designed to make beautiful photography even easier.

Some of its notable features include:

  • A Backside Illuminated (BSI) sensor  that improves clarity in low-light conditions
  • Optical image stabilization (OIS) that cuts down on motion blur
  • Auto mode feature instantly detects the scene and optimizes camera settings

“True to the VIBE ON spirit of the brand, we at Lenovo never stand still when it comes to innovating,” said Dino Romano, Country Lead, Lenovo Smartphones, Philippines. “Designed to pack the professional features of a DSLR and all the mobile features our target market loves, the Lenovo VIBE Shot offers the best of both worlds to match the lifestyle of the millennials,” he added.

What makes a pro shot? 

Professional photographers typically opt for DSLRs for two main reasons. The first being image quality. High-quality optics traditionally requires lenses of a specific size and weight. That’s changed a lot over the past few years. In fact, many professionals now use “micro four-thirds” models (marginally larger than point-and-shoots, but with interchangeable lenses) as the lenses provide image quality good enough in all but a few situations. So why not phones?

The second reason is control. DSLRs allow photographers to tweak the settings on their camera, which takes years of experience giving them value to their craft. But while most smartphones automatically adjust settings such as ISO and aperture for the novice photographer, the VIBE Shot takes it one step further, with a “Pro” mode which lets experts manually adjust these settings to help them capture stunning photos.

The VIBE Shot packs several other tricks for both pro-tographers and their apprentices, including:

  • Bulb effect: This lets users take shots with a long exposure – fireworks, motion blurs, and other common street and urban photography effects. Any DSLR can do this, but it’s been incredibly difficult to do on smartphones, until now. With this, who needs filters?
  • Faster focus: The VIBE Shot’s autofocus is assisted with infrared technology, making it almost twice as fast as conventional autofocus tech. And it doesn’t falter in low-light conditions. That means crisper, more natural-looking portraits when paired with the VIBE Shot’s tri-color LED flash.
  • Optimized for selfies: Unlike a DSLR with flash and telephoto which isn’t made for holding backwards in one hand, the VIBE Shot is perfect for selfies, thanks to its Panoramic Selfie mode, 8MP front camera, and optional Selfie Flash Xtension.

Point, shoot and share

The VIBE Shot looks, feels, and works like a compact camera: it’s even got the two-stage shutter button (hold to focus, push down to shoot) that everybody is used to. But it’s also got the connectivity of the best smartphones out there: 4G, Wi-Fi, and dual SIM capabilities (especially useful for the travelling photographer) – plus all the messaging and social media platforms that made smartphone photography so popular in the first place. Because what’s the point of taking picture-perfect photos if nobody gets to see them?

Hannah Reyes, National Geographic Creative photographer, shares, “I really enjoy working with the Lenovo VIBE Shot. It’s great to know that when I leave my equipment at home, I still have a camera that can take high quality images, just sitting right there in my pocket. Oh, and it’s an excellent smartphone too.” 

So can smartphone photography match a professional DSLR? Here are a couple of photos taken with the Lenovo VIBE Shot. See for yourself.

HR 4 A Fortune Teller - Quiapo

A Fortune Teller – Quiapo (Credit: Hannah Reyes, National Geographic Creative Photographer)

HR 12 People at an amusement park - Manila

People at an amusement park – Manila (Credit: Hannah Reyes, National Geographic Creative Photographer)

Pricing and Availability

The Lenovo VIBE Shot is now available at Lenovo Mobile Exclusive Stores and authorized retailers nationwide at Php 17,999. The VIBE Shot will come bundled with a free screen protector (worth Php299) and a free back cover (worth 599).

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